Everything You Want to Know About WordPress Permalinks & 301 Redirects

WordPress permalink setting and 301 redirects explained

Opinions differ on what the ideal URL structure is in WordPress. When you write a blog post and have not configured the permalink settings, WordPress is likely to give the following format to the post URL where N is the … [Read more...]

3 E-Learning Biz Ideas That Don’t Need a Website

E-learning business without website

Okay you do not have a website. But don’t fret, you can still start an e-learning business of your own. This can be a smart idea for many of you because managing a website is not easy, and so you have less distraction to … [Read more...]

Why Creating Call-To-Action Buttons In PowerPoint Is a Smart Idea

How to create call-to-action button using PowerPoint

If not for PowerPoint, my content creation works will face big hurdles. I am not exaggerating, and in course of this article you will see why. This is *one* software I use more than any other. And why not? Some of the … [Read more...]

All About Headlines – Why You Should Bother? What Actually Works?

All headlines do not attract

How important is headline for your blog content? The easy answer is it is as important as getting maximum number of people clicking on it to read the content. The difficult part is how to get them to do that. There … [Read more...]

Why Timed Content Is the Secret Weapon for Your Landing Page

Installing and activating Timed Content WordPress plugin

As this post loads on your browser, can you see the image above? You cannot, but wait. Hold on for 3 seconds. Well, the 3 seconds have passed. Can you now see the image? Yes, you can now see it. The image kind of … [Read more...]

4 Ways Self-Publishing Can Increase Your Authority

Self-publishing steps you cannot ignore

If you are a content creator you are also a self-publisher. Blogs, emails, e-books - all these require you to not only create them but also publish them on the web. I think most content marketers are self-publishers by … [Read more...]

10 Steps to Become a Top Content Seller

One of the most cited research works on how the Internet could affect the mankind was done by Ronald Owston of the York University 16 years back in March 1997. He prophesied: The Web is now causing educators, from … [Read more...]

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