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Why video agency with PowerPoint?

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Video making types businesses want

With smartphones in your pocket, you’ve the right tools for video production. Or, do you? Guess what, just any video cannot engage your viewers, or achieve main purpose.

The bar chart here (data source) shows the types of videos businesses have already invested in. And, only PowerPoint is well suited for most of these videos.

For you it’s a familiar tool. So, with a low learning curve, PowerPoint is easier for making a wide range of videos for your video agency business.

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“Outstanding!! This course, as in all courses I have taken by Partha, is far over and above expectations. He over-delivers. ” – James Young

“Partha has done an excellent job at covering everything you need to know to create effective, engaging and stunning videos using PowerPoint … with detailed step by step examples and downloadable assets. This course is a must for anyone who wants to learn to master PowerPoint and the video production pipeline.”– Robin Slee

“The instructor’s knowledge of PowerPoint is thorough and goes beyond the basic nuts and bolts. The detailed instructions on how he does the magic of feeding a creative mind with countless possibilities were never imagined before taking the course.” – Richard Brassaw

“The course is very enlightening and simplifies skills and techniques into single steps making complex animations look simple but very professional. I recommend this course with my highest accolades.” – J Skip Hall

24+ projects on creative video making in PowerPoint.

Master video making skills, start video agency from home.

Transform simple plain texts to exciting video in < 10 mins.

This is largely unknown. Convert texts from Notepad to PowerPoint slides in 1 click. Dress up slides a bit & create exciting video in < 10 minutes. Embed anywhere.

Transform simple texts to video in PowerPoint

Record voice and edit to make it noise free.

Use a free tool to record your voice. Then, edit the voice track to make it noise free. If required, add a background score to make it snazzy.

Record Voice & Edit to Make It Noise Free

Embed & synchronize voice clips, produce entire video in PowerPoint.

Embed and synchronize voice clips with background music in the slides. Produce entire video inside PowerPoint without external video editor!!

Embedding Voice for Entire Video Making in PowerPoint

Animate texts to give a wide range of effects → MODEL 1.

Using PowerPoint to animate texts is a delight. Apply multiple animations to a single text element … and the results can be fabulous. You’ll love doing this.

Multiple Text Animation in PowerPoint

Animate texts to give a wide range of effects → MODEL 2.

You can do innumerable text animations with PowerPoint. Here, you’ll animate texts on scrolling texts. Knowing some techniques will help you do more.

Text animation for video making with kinetic typography

Tell a story with kinetic typography video animating texts → MODEL 1.

Take a step further. You’ll now create a kinetic typography video based on a story, by animating texts of varying colors and types. Watch this video.

Kinetic Typography Video in PowerPoint

Tell a story with kinetic typography video animating texts → MODEL 2.

This is the second model of kinetic typography video you’ll learn making in PowerPoint. Simple animated texts can work well anytime. Click to watch this example.

Kinetic Typography Video in PowerPoint on Good Web Design

Tell a story with kinetic typography video animating texts → MODEL 3.

Exciting but a bit complex — learn a wide range of animations and transitions coming together to make this video. Check out how it works in this example.

Kinetic Typography Video with PowerPoint on Car Pool

Tell a story with kinetic typography video animating texts → MODEL 4.

This model shows using Prezi effect, dealing with zooming and panning of texts to create the video. With a little imagination this can be a good idea to try.

Kinetic Typography Video in PowerPoint with Prezi Effect

Source free vector clip arts for explainer video → MODEL 1.

Source free vector clip arts from the web, ensure you can use them in PowerPoint, pick the right one for your explainer video. You’ll do this animation in the project.

Animate vector clip arts for explainer video → MODEL 2.

To animate the vector clip arts, break them into individual elements, and then animate them as you need to for your project.

Animating Vector Clip Art in PowerPoint

Create explainer video with animated texts & vector clip arts → MODEL 1.

Let your imagination fly, animate both texts and vector clip arts together to tell your story in explainer video. Watch this video as an example.

Explainer Video in PowerPoint

Create explainer video with animated texts & vector clip arts → MODEL 2.

Select vector clip arts, write your message, create appealing explainer video animating both clip arts and texts. Watch this example.

Explainer Animated Video with Text & Clip Art

Create parallax video with animated texts & pictures → MODEL 1.

Take your imagination a notch higher, give super touch to your video with exciting parallax effects you wouldn’t imagine possible. Watch this video.

Parallax Video in PowerPoint

Create parallax video with text animation → MODEL 2.

Create a combination of text animation with parallax backgrounds. Give a touch of elegance to your video, make a difference.

Text Animation Video with Parallax Background

Convert PPT presentation into animated video → MODEL 1.

Animate complex presentations to create videos for easy explanation → especially useful in board meetings, seminars and webinars. Watch this example video.

Video Making from Presentation in PowerPoint

Convert PPT presentation into animated video → MODEL 2.

This is a second example animating complex PowerPoint slides to create online videos for explaining in board meetings, seminars and webinars.

Animated Video from PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Convert ‘hand-drawn’ presentation charts in PPT to animated video → MODEL 3.

Charts are excellent for telling your video story. Give more credence to it by creating and animating ‘hand drawn’ charts in PowerPoint. Watch this example.

Hand-drawn charts in PowerPoint for video making

Use picture-in-picture video to tell your story → MODEL 1.

Keen to use multiple videos to tell your story, but not knowing how? Create picture-in-picture video in PowerPoint for just that. Watch the video example here.

Picture-in-Picture Video Making in PowerPoint

Use picture-in-picture video to tell your story → MODEL 2.

In this project for picture-in-picture video in PowerPoint, you’ll use 4 videos for a story, alternating between part and full screens.

Picture-in-Picture Video Making in PowerPoint

Remove audio from any video, edit & rejoin.

Separate audio from webcam (or any) video, edit it, add background music, and rejoin with original video. All of these with free tools.

Remove audio from any video

Join 2 or more videos to make final video.

Cut, split, join 2 or more videos any which way you want. Then re-assemble them to create your final video. Do this with free video editor.

Join 2 or more videos with free video editor

Reduce bloated video file size.

Cut down on large video file size – while NOT losing quality – this is essential for easy and fast communication on the web.

Reduce bloated video file size

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Bonus Lessons

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Get up to 1 hour personal counselling on video making (worth $140).

There will be occasions when you may need specific help to solve the problems you’re facing. And for that you can avail 4 sessions of free personal counselling from Partha Bhattacharya, for a total of 1 hour.

Bonus Lessons

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All PowerPoint templates in the course come for free (worth $540).

For us it’s walking the talk. Get all the PowerPoint templates used in the course lessons for free. This means you can immediately use them for your video making after suitable changes.

Bonus Lessons

/ BONUS 3 /
All future Projects come for free (worth $630).

There is no end to your getting access to all the future Projects that are added to the course. This alone is priceless because you’ll continue to enhance your video making skills with PowerPoint at zero additional cost.

Bonus Lessons

/ BONUS 4 /
All future PowerPoint templates come for free (worth $490).

We will be adding even more exciting PowerPoint video templates in the future. As a subscriber to this course you’ll enjoy using each of them for creative video making with PowerPoint going forward. Awesome!!

Bonus Lessons

/ BONUS 5 /
Get help for online course creation (worth $280+).

Wanting to launch online courses with video lessons? Get up to an hour’s counselling on essentials, including how to do this with WordPress. This is a game changer if you aspire to making money from teaching online.

Bonus Lessons

More bonuses coming your way…

We pledge to add more bonuses in the coming time. On the anvil are mini courses on both video making, online course selling, etc. These will add more power to your resources on online teaching.

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Testimonial for PowerPoint video making - 1

Partha is a research-oriented technologist who pays strong attention to detail. He is particularly adept at using PowerPoint, and has written an excellent book, “PowerPoint Video Magic,” on the topic.

Steve Pickering, Digital Marketing

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Partha has deep expertise in making web video from PowerPoint. Considering importance of video … I believe Partha’s knowledge on PowerPoint video will immensely help many web entrepreneurs.

Miklos Szego,

Testimonial for PowerPoint video making - 3

Impressed how Partha was able to bring across interactive learning concepts (on PowerPoint video making) in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Peter Marengo, Emirates Airline

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How long can I access the course?

How about eternity! Well yes, you can access the course as many times as you want, as long as you want. You’ll have reasons to do that because we’ll add more lessons going forward.

What resources do I get in the course?

You can download the PowerPoint templates that are used in the lessons. We will continue to add more PowerPoint templates for download. Use them freely for your video making needs.

Do I pay any other fee to access the course?

No, you don’t pay any other fee after you buy the course. In future, we may start monthly or yearly subscription, but that’s still a long way off, if at all.

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