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Monetize the teacher in you.

Sell unlimited online courses from your own website.

Do yourself
Get done by us

Monetize the teacher in you.

Sell unlimited online courses from your own website.

Do it yourself

Or, get done by us.

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We work with these tools for creating education website
Online store for education website

It makes sense to launch ‘online course store’ in your education website.

Offering standalone courses severely limits your ability to scale up. People love shopping in store. By setting up an eCommerce course store you’ll make it easy for people to want more from you.

At HubSkills we help you setup a course store and attract buyers with coupons, bundles, dynamic pricing, upsells, cross-sells, etc. to boost your earnings.

Not sure how to start your own online course website?

With us, you have 4 options to make an informed decision.

Use our launch-ready education website.
Start in only 1 day » Save precious $$!

This is a super-fast way to start your online course website. Download our ultra-secure launch-ready education website. Change contents, and launch yours in just ONE day!

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We install & launch your education website.
We do everything for you!

If you’re busy pursuing your work and career, or lack technical skills, we install & launch your education website for you. Have peace of mind as you entrust us with the work.

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We create online course lessons that make learning enjoyable.

We use a variety of eLearning resources like video, audio, slides, animations, illustrations, and so on to create useful engaging course with visual clarity & correcteness.

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We create your custom education website for offering unlimited multi-tier courses.

We design custom education website for you with the powerful combination of top-class course software and WooCommerce plugin for seamless, unlimited multi-tier courses.

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Our famed last-mile support ensures your success irrespective of the option you choose.

With 8+ years’ experience, we walk the talk. And the proof shows.

31,000 students from 166 countries study our courses!

Partha is a strong communicator of the essentials of technology and applying them to business projects.

Ed Jennings, Cybersecurity Professor

Partha is very professional and knowledgeable about graphic design and eLearning web development.

Pavlina Lunakova, Colt Tech Services

Impressed how Partha was able to bring across interactive learning concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Peter Marengo, Emirates Airline

Frequently Answered Questions

Who needs an education website?

Anyone — an individual, or an institute or a company — that is engaged in the profession of teaching, coaching, training, or educating people will need an education website.

I’m doing well offline, do I still need online teaching?

The answer is ‘yes’. Studies suggest that very soon ‘online education’ will just be ‘education’. A teacher, any teacher, will be judged by the success of his/her online teaching.

What is the need for a ‘course store’?

Studies have proved that people love buying in online stores just as they do offline. When you start a ‘course store’ with eCommerce system, you make it easy for people to want more from you with lucrative features like coupons, course bundling, upsell, cross-sell, dynamic pricing, and so on. Needless to say, this boosts your sales and revenue.

Do I need any coding or designing skills?

No you don’t. Based on your offline material and feedback (as the work proceeds) we do and help you do everything for the package you select. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions on this, we’ll be glad to assist you.

Would you help me learn doing things?

Yes, indeed. We will happily explain how we are doing your things, and will encourage you to do them yourself. The idea is, you should be self-dependent as much as possible.

What is your last-mile support?

It means we will give you support even after a project ends…for at least 1-2 months. This is not for any heavy work, but rest assured we will give you all possible help to ensure that you succeed.

I have other questions…

Ask any query you’ve in mind. Send your email to team@hubskills.com mentioning ‘Education Website Query’ in the subject. Or, contact us here.

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