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Online courses can be daunting. After all this is unfamiliar territory for you – from creating video lessons, quizzes, certificates to setting up LMS + website, to payments and logins. At HubSkills we transform your coaching material into fully-operable online course website.


We help you open up new income channels by transforming your knowledge and learning materials into step-by-step courses you can sell online.

Partha is a strong communicator of the essentials of technology and how to apply them to business projects.

Ed Jennings, Cybersecurity Professor

Partha is very professional and knowledgeable about graphic design and web development in general.

Pavlina Lunakova, Colt Technology Services

Impressed how Partha was able to bring across interactive concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Peter Marengo, Emirates Airline

We work with you all the way to create your online course in 7 steps. Our transparent way of working will give you clarity on how we tailor your courses.


What we pledge

Transparent environment

We realize the importance of open and effective communications. When we take on your project, we ensure that you are always aware of its progress, the work that lies ahead and how they will be addressed.

Focus on result

We are aware that you are hiring us for your specific requirements. We stick to the job at hand and guide you on the path that actually brings results. We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

High quality output

We are pragmatic and appreciate that there are finer points that need special attention. Care, quality of work and sharp attention to detail are some features we build into every project.

23,000+ students from 160 countries study our online courses!

Our own courses reach every nook and corner of the globe.
We take same care to create your online course as we do for ours.

In my experience, Partha is excellent in web marketing solutions that help the small web business.
Jason Tepoorten@ SMS Management & Technology
Completo, útil y disparador de ideas. Excelente curso! Muchas gracias por compartir tanta información!
Ana Inés Patetta on Udemy

Partha has high expertise in video and internet marketing. His courses are a requisite for all professionals.

Mukesh Tanna CPA, CA

Partha is a research-oriented technologist who pays strong attention to detail.

Steve Pickering @ Web Development & Marketing
Muito Bom! Gostei muito do curso!! Claro, objetivo e prático, foi bem feito. Muito Obrigada!
Fabiana Seixas on Udemy

I have learned quite a few new things from this very informative course. I am sure I will keep going back to review more contents…

Jui-Pin Er on Udemy
An excellent job at covering everything you need to know to create effective, engaging and stunning videos.
Robert Slee on Udemy
Partha’s knowledge on PowerPoint video will be of immense help to many web entrepreneurs.
Miklos Szego @ IngyenTV.hu

Cash in on your knowledge through customized online course we’ll create just for you.

Here are some commonly asked questions about our services.

When I worked with clients like you in the past, I’ve been able to manage a lot of work on their behalf. I’ve been able to limit their engagement to just weekly calls. I can assure this will not be any distraction for you.

It is difficult to give a ballpark figure since your e-learning course could range from basic to interactive to advanced. Traditionally, we’ll build a course out from offline materials on an ‘all inclusive’ basis. We’ll create the technology framework and ensure the learning platform is setup; projects typically start from $2,000.

We’d rather you fill in this initial assessment form and tell us a bit about your need and expectations. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Click here for the PDF version of the 7 steps we follow to create your online course. If you’ve any query on this, just contact us.

Yes, we do. We’d create online video quizzes for your course including scores obtained by participants.

The key to success is implementation.

When you hire us, you’re hiring someone with a vast experience of implementing things, so that your work becomes smooth and fine, and yes, awesome.

As of this writing, Partha Bhattacharya, HubSkills founder, has more than 23,000 students from 160 countries for his online courses.

That means you have at your service all the necessary content development skills for creating an online course for you.

Our blog posts will give you a measure of the range of work we do.

This is a crucial aspect in any project. We’ll ask you or someone you appoint to be the person for collaboration. We’ll use various online tools for discussion, supervision, sharing files, and monitoring the progress of work all the time.

Yes, we do. Depending on your needs we design/redesign your WordPress website, and install an LMS tool to launch and sell your online course. We also create landing pages, lead capture system, etc. to make everything ready to start selling your course.

Ask any query you’ve in mind. Send your email to team@hubskills.com mentioning ‘Online Teaching Query’ in the subject. Or, contact us here.

We remove all your worries to create a course for selling online.