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We help you build successful multi-income online teaching business with top-class content development, lead generation and inbound marketing.

Online teaching is combination of many content development activities..

We are content development consultant
to help you teach online

Be it graphics, video, presentation, e-book, articles, or WordPress website, we strive to help you with comprehensive content development to launch your online teaching with a clear focus on top quality work.


What we pledge

Transparent environment

We realize it is important to have open and effective communication. When we take your project, we ensure you are always aware of the work progress, the jobs ahead, and how they are attended to.

Focus on results

We are aware you’ll hire us for your specific requirement. With that in mind we stick to the job on hand, and guide you on the path that actually brings results. We don’t make promises we cannot keep.

High quality output

We are pragmatist. We appreciate that there are finer details that need special attention. Care, quality of work, and quality of attentiveness are some of the features we build into every project.

What our clients say

Partha is a strong communicator of the essentials of technology and how to apply them to business projects.
Ed Jennings, Cybersecurity Professor
Partha is very professional and knowledgeable about graphic design and web development in general.
Pavlina Lunakova, Colt Technology Services
Impressed by how Partha was able to bring across interactive concepts in such a simple, easy to understand manner.
Peter Marengo, Emirates Airline

We’d love to see you succeed in online teaching