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Content Creation Tips for Business

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Content Creation Tips
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We work with these tools for online teaching

You’ve 2 minutes to impress visitors.

Use micro contents – crisp, sharp, fast.

Sharp, short content creation is essential

On one hand, content creation is crucial to build assets for business and growth. On the other, you need to ensure that the content you create makes your visitors wanting more.

And for this you’ve just 2 minutes to impress your visitors to stay back longer. How to do that?

Well, you can use micro contents to reduce visitor’s time to absorb your communication. If she understands you quicker, she can decide faster what to do next.

We specialize creating micro contents, some examples below.

↓ Few examples of micro contents ↓

Auto-run short PowerPoint presentation along with built-in animation and transition. Insert audio too if you wish.

This is a long presentation for demo. However, it’s a good idea to make presentation short as micro lessons for more engagement and better learning.


GIF illustration is an excellent tool for teaching lessons, we use it a lot. In the bootcamp we’ll show you how to create them easily.

Here are 2 GIF illustrations – the top one shows screencast animation, and the bottom one shows the animation of the lesson types.

Online course lesson with GIF illustration of a graph
Types of online course lessons

Instead of PowerPoint presentation you can use a slider to explain your lesson with the help of a series of images.

In the slider below I’ve used 4 images, but you can use more images if you want. However, do not use many images in one slider. It’s better to break your lesson into more sliders.

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Audio lessons are useful and popular. It’s not difficult to create them, we teach that in our bootcamp. Once your lessons are ready, simply embed them on your course page. Drip-feed the audio lessons, and do much more. Listen what I’ve to say below.

Another variation of podcast is podcast video where the voice narration along with background music play out against a 2 or more transitory images. This is especially helpful for use on other platforms.

You may want to help your students with an e-book, especially if it’s illustrated pictorially, like the example below. The advantage is, your students can click on the pop-out link top right to read the e-book comfortably in separate browser tab.

What’s more, the pages in the e-book can be zoomed in/out and even the hyperlinks can be clicked on to their locations.

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