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Teaching ideas are aplenty.

It’s only when they are transformed into reality and they reach the people they are intended to help that they actually start to change lives – yours, theirs.

With over a decade’s experience in video making and online course creation, we help you effectively and passionately convert your knowledge for global audience.

You deserve this because that is when your aspirations start taking shape.

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Teaching → Making Social Media Video.

Start video agency using just PowerPoint, make top-class social media videos.

Make stunning social media video. Start profitable video agency with just PowerPoint

This comprehensive new course on making stunning social media video with PowerPoint will help you start thriving video agency with PowerPoint … working even from home.

Make at least 5 different types of videos every industry wants – educational / how-to video, parallax video, explainer video, animated GIF ads, picture-in-picture video & presentation video. All of these using just PowerPoint.

Whether you want to make training or social media videos for your or client’s business, or start a video agency from home, this new engaging course will transform your video making skills forever.

» Take this course & become a master video maker.

Partha is a research-oriented technologist who pays strong attention to detail. He is particularly adept at using PowerPoint, and has written an excellent book, “PowerPoint Video Magic,” on the topic.

~ Steve Pickering, Digital Marketing ~

Coaching → Online Course Creation.

Launch your BEST online course in < 1 month starting from scratch.

Coaching Best Online Course Creation & Selling at Zero Cost

Are you someone who doesn’t feel like an expert to teach online? What if you try, and nothing happens? Does it seem to you that the task on hand is so huge, it’s hard to know where to start?

If these worries hold you back, then RELAX! They happen to every online course launcher, even we’re not exceptions!

Our hands-on coaching helps you plan and create your best online course from scratch, and sell it in 3 different ways at ZERO cost.

Remember, a dependable and achievable system to grow your income is to create, launch and automate online courses, like the way we do.

» Get hands-on coaching to launch a course & run it for FREE.

Impressed how Partha was able to bring across interactive learning concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner.

~ Peter Marengo, Emirates Airline ~

Speaking on → Video Communication & Course Creation.

Hire Partha for training and building in-house talent for your company or for public speaking.

Hire Partha for Corporate Training on Video Communication & Course Creation

Partha’s mission is to inspire people to discover the true worth of easy-to-use tools and practices to produce excellent videos and learning contents.

His lessons and lectures go to the core of the work to be accomplished, allowing students to test and put to action easy-to-apply methods, leading to producing contents that are comparable with the best..

As an international teacher and coach, Partha empowers students to overtake hindrances to produce best teaching contents for their business and career.

» Hire Partha for corporate training or public speaking.

I have had the occasion to interact with Partha regarding online e-learning course, and I can say he has very good knowledge on the subject, especially how to implement such a course in any website.

~ Dr. Aperna Mittal Borum, ACB, ALB ~