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About HubSkills.com

HubSkills.com is a resource site run by me, Partha Bhattacharya, to teach you proven techniques for creating online course and running it on your own WordPress website for a regular flow of income.

Partha Bhattacharya, Founder of HubSkills.com

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below … you’re in the right place.

  • How can I find out *my* hot topics to teach?
  • How do I know if my hot topic has market demand?
  • How can I design an ideal course structure?
  • How do I create online lessons and tutorials using top-class tools?
  • How do I launch a fully operating online course website?

At HubSkills.com you’ll transform your rough teaching ideas to sleek online course for launch on your own website.

Who is Partha Bhattacharya?
How does he know about this stuff?

I’m a family man in late fifties, who started teaching online 8 years back because I had to.

It was during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa (a country I like so much and have been to on 3 occasions) I had a heart attack. Doctors put a stent in my heart to remove blockage. It took me a few months to come back to normalcy.

Meanwhile, as I was not on a regular job, I’d go out less often while recuperating. I worked more from home to make a living. I started creating DIY courses to sell online. After some hard times, things fell into place gradually.

Cut to 2017, I had 15123 students from 145 countries who consumed 40167 minutes to study my online courses. Cumulatively, as of this writing, I’ve close to 36,000 students, coming as they do, from 168 countries. I feel grateful for being able to help so many students from all corners of the globe.

Along the way, I picked up web development skills, and founded HubSkills.com doing everything myself. Now I also run the membership website, Cool Tech Hacks, on DIY online content development.

Partha Bhattacharya's statistics on online teaching for 2017
In my experience, Partha is excellent in web marketing solutions that help the small web business.
Jason Tepoorten@ SMS Management & Technology
Completo, útil y disparador de ideas. Excelente curso! Muchas gracias por compartir tanta información!
Ana Inés Patetta on Udemy
Partha has high expertise in video and internet marketing. His courses are a requisite for all professionals.
Mukesh Tanna CPA, CA
Partha is a research-oriented technologist who pays strong attention to detail.
Steve Pickering @ Web Development & Marketing
Impressed by how he was able to bring across interactive concepts in such a simple, easy to understand manner.
Peter Marengo @ Emirates Airline
Partha is very professional and knowledgeable about graphic design and web development in general.
Pavlina Lunakova @ Colt Technology Services
Partha is a strong communicator of the essentials of technology and how to apply them to business projects.
Edward Jennings @ Cybersecurity Professor
Muito Bom! Gostei muito do curso!! Claro, objetivo e prático, foi bem feito. Muito Obrigada!
Fabiana Seixas on Udemy
I have learned quite a few new things from this very informative course. I am sure I will keep going back to review more contents…
Jui-Pin Er on Udemy
An excellent job at covering everything you need to know to create effective, engaging and stunning videos.
Robert Slee on Udemy
Partha’s knowledge on PowerPoint video will be of immense help to many web entrepreneurs.
Miklos Szego @ IngyenTV.hu

Why I do what I do?
Hint: It’s not about pots of money.

I’ll be lying if I say it’s not money I’m after.

I need money as many of us do, but I need it mainly to see countries, meet people, and enjoy local cuisines.

Partha Bhattacharya at Las Ramblas, Barcelona

One of my main aims now is to find opportunities for speaking at conferences or be part of holding workshops or bootcamps on online course development.

Hire Partha Bhattacharya

Don’t you worry!
You are not too late.

Just as new waves come and obliterate the marks behind, just as new batches of students come to schools and colleges every year, there is always a wave of new learners, new opportunity seekers who want to do well in life.

Count on them, create courses that appeal to them, help them achieve their goal. And believe that you’re not late, certainly not too late.

Find out more on how you can transform yourself and your career. Click a link below.

A few words about my friends.

No one works only for herself or himself, no one shines without help from others. I’m lucky to have great friends who together form a mastermind group that meets every week to discuss how to help one another to flourish online.

Here they are –

Get in touch.
Fill in the form below to contact me.

A: Purba Diganta, Kolkata, India
T: 91.98304.13614 (9am-5pm IST)
E: team@hubskills.com


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