How to Overlay Stripes & Dots on Background Images & Videos Using CSS

For the visual style of many a website, the use of layering multiple background images remains popular. In this article, I'll show you the use of 2 free resources to create transparent pattern image as the overlay for superimposing on any background image or video.

2017-04-02T11:06:05+00:00 Web Design|

Writer’s Block? These 11 Content Creation Tools Will Pitchfork You to ACTION!

Writing content requires focus, talent, and an ability to prove naysayers wrong. Here let me share some great content creation tools which will assist you to overcome writers’ block and create some of your best contents ever.

Tell Your Awesome Story with Office Sway – It’s Easy Even for a Novice!

MS Office Sway’s advantage is its versatility, this means you can use almost any media file you want to, in your presentation. That includes video, image, tweet, audio, presentation, and so on. In short, you can tell your awesome story to the world amazingly with Sway.

2017-06-09T18:04:03+00:00 E-Learning|

These 4 Exciting CSS Typography Will Impress Your Blog Readers (Actual Demo)

Improving page design with clever use of typography is my favorite. In this article you'll see the use of exciting CSS typography for your blog site. Two of these show shadow effects, and the other two are about font animations.

2017-01-22T20:31:29+00:00 Web Design|

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