As I seek to spread words about this new blog (started on Jun 25 last) of mine, I often keep imagining that perhaps people don’t have the need for yet another blog for startups.

This somewhat dampens my spirit, but put to test, maybe I’d have reacted the same way had it not been my own blog.

Or would I?

It needs a bit of convincing, especially for the startups, but from what I have learned in my limited experience I do know that people like to read new stories, new accounts of the old stories, and this is not going to go away anytime soon.

The point though is more mundane. Is your blog getting the attention you wish it should? Or more to the point, what is it that people find useful in your blog?

For any media, mastering the art of seeking attention of people you don’t know is a tall order. Many blogs fail at this hurdle, unable to grasp what comes first – solving people’s problems or hardcore marketing – before eventually perishing into oblivion.

Yet, for all the bleakness, many blogs survive, some blossom to mature with time, and a few ride the path to stupendous success. How do they succeed, what is the mantra that makes them the darling of countless readers when others fail miserably?


Niche Market Blogging Is The Answer

Being a regular on the web you may have heard many experts suggesting that blogging in a niche market is a sure way to succeed in a short time.

Look around, and you’re sure to locate successful niche businesses. In the local market close to my home, for example, I always find a small corner shop selling leaf-tea remaining crowded. The owner takes care to keep good stock of Darjeeling tea and the variety of fanning that he has is impressive.

Meanwhile the grocery shop at the other end routinely opens at six thirty in the morning, and unfailingly has 10 to 12 people waiting for it to roll the shutters up to buy their bare needs.

Both serve their niche clientele. The tea-seller has no competition in the market, and the grocery shop opens at least an hour before other shops open.


Possibilities Are Many

The beauty of going niche is that there is hardly a shortage of possibilities. And in most cases the costs are low to get going in minimum time.

Start a blog on homemade recipes for cooking pastries, or start one that informs everything about the latest film releases in your city.

Try your luck writing how to keep well with heart ailment, or blogging on different ways of interior decoration of small houses.

From travel to music to sport to illness to gardening to wellness to virtually anything… there are hundreds of niche markets to exploit in your blogs. Why, you can even write on ‘how to write’!


Can’t Write? Not True!

Now, don’t say you do not know how to write. That’s not true.

Okay, you need some knowledge of constructing sentences. But beyond that all you need is to give it a start. The good news is there is an easy way out. You will be able to write, to construct sentences with words that make sense.


Simply write what you speak, or better still, record your voice and write later. Make corrections as necessary. Break the piece into sections with sub-headings, and give it a little sheen if required. And that’s about it. Your article is ready to be placed in your blog.


Propose Some Value

A common expert talk is that you need to love your topic so that you can pour out endless articles for your blog. I’m not sure if that really helps, but what is important is to ensure that your article has some value for the readers as I have discussed above.

No amount of decorative writing will help unless your readers find some helpful information in your blog. There is no shortcut here. The minimum that you can do is to let your visitors know where to find the information they are looking for, if not in your blog.

In this article for example, I’m exploring the possibility of niche market blogging, and making efforts to help you understand that you too can traverse the path of blogging to success.

To sum up, there are 2 factors that can contribute to your blogging success. They are (1) exploring niche markets in your area of expertise, and (2) writing articles that give value to the readers.

There are other factors, and we’ll talk on them in later articles.

{The image above is courtesy Tess Watson.}