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Master 3 steps for teaching online successfully

A free, 3 lesson e-book & crash course on mastering 3 steps without which you cannot start online teaching from your website. Ready to join?

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“Just wanted to tell you that I think your e-book and the 3 lessons are fantastic. It set me on the right path to sell my online courses. I honestly feel you could charge a lot for such clear explanation, so thank you for giving them for free.”

~ Prolay Baxi, design teacher ~

When I started teaching online, I sold my courses on other sites. And I priced my courses conservatively – usually around $20-30, because other courses on those sites were similarly priced.

Soon I noticed that it made more sense to sell courses on my own site, even if I sold them on other sites. I also realized that I need to offer courses in different variations, including short courses.

To make that happen, I learned several skills in a short span of time. Out of them, 3 crucial skills stood out as the minimum one must know to make a successful beginning in online teaching from own website.

These 3 skills form the backbone of this crash course. You’ll learn the exact tactics to use to start online teaching courses from your website.

Together they make the foundation on which to plan and build the whole structure of your online teaching.

Partha Bhattacharya is the author of the e-book, Monetize the Teacher in You.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

I’ve designed this e-book and the 3-lesson mini course to explain to you the 3 main pillars on which to rest your online teaching website. Each lesson is succinct but thorough, and will roughly take you 5-10 minutes to complete. You need to come back to them for reference as you put the ideas into practice. After completing the lessons you’ll be able to apply the concepts to your unique business.

Successful online teaching needs mastering 3 steps

Identify the demand for your eLearning course topic

Identify Demand for Your Course

Learn why and how to find out if there is enough demand for your online course ‘topic’. For example, should you teach ‘job hunting’ or ‘resume writing’ or ‘networking’?

Identify the demand for your eLearning course topic

Install WordPress Theme

Learn the steps to install WordPress on your website. Follow that up by searching for and installing the best free WordPress theme, and creating a child theme.

Install an LMS Course Software for WordPress

Install a Course Software or LMS

You will see how to install a top-class WordPress LMS plugin and do some basic configurations. Learn the various advantages for using the tool for your online teaching website.

Take this free chance to master the 3 steps for successful online teaching from your website.

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