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Watching me change my Facebook and Twitter header photos frequently, one viewer remarked:

You are really expert with Photoshop!

Like anyone I too like accolades, but this one had me puzzled.

I’m no Photoshop expert, in fact I can count days on my fingers when I’ve used it in my long career of catering to graphic design jobs.

Now Photoshop is a giant in the graphic design arena dwarfing all other graphic design software. Even so the reality is, Photoshop requires a bit of learning curve and considerable practice to be placed in the hallowed precincts of expertise.

However, my viewer was not off the mark.

It’s a fact that I’ve been creating images with so much ease that I’m using them in every conceivable place I can think of.


And I’m using Stencil for doing all that.

Take a look at the series of photo-quotes I created with Stencil for my Twitter account in the slideshow below. I did them in one sitting that took me just over 20 minutes to complete six of them – at an average speed of about 3 minutes for each.

If you’re a solopreneur or a graphic designer in a big company, you’ll know time is always in short supply.

Stencil relieves me from that pressure quite admirably.

I’ll come to the brass tacks, but before that let me also mention that I’ve used some other great graphic design tools like Canva, Buffer’s Pablo, even my other favorite, PowerPoint.

Of late though Stencil in its latest avatar – after ‘graduating’ from Share As Image – has become the tool of my choice. And as results speak on this page I’ve clung to it for all my graphic design jobs.

There are many features I like about Stencil, and the ease of use should rank at the top.

Let me explain some of the other features you’ll find useful.


Clear outlay with tools at a glance.

I use Stencil’s Chrome Extension. Clicking on it opens the Stencil overlay.

To the left of the work area, under Stencil logo, all the graphics are grouped under 5 sections:

1. Background

Stencil provides a few featured backgrounds for ready use. You can upload image from your computer for use as background, or search for a suitable one from the vast repertoire of Pixabay, the free image source. Refer the image below.

Using background in Stencil

2. Icons

Here you get at least 106 icons as of this writing which you can use for your graphic design job.

The icons are vector images, and their size as well as color can be changed as necessary. Among the icons available are the usual ones from social media, and also currencies and emoticons.

3. Templates

More than 50 ready-to-use templates are provided by Stencil having different designs and typography.

See the image below.

Using templates in Stencil

The great thing is that you can immediately one of these templates, replace the texts with your own, and change the background with any other image. And then save the new graphic you created as your template.

Can you now see how easy it is to use Stencil?

4. Logos

If you are a logo creator, upload the logo image here to explore different combinations with other graphics, texts, etc. for your or your clients’ needs.


Design graphics for any size.

This is simply wonderful.

Like Canva here too you can easily design graphics for any size. Stencil has brought all the popular sizes in your grip.

You only need to click a link for the size you want, and the image will immediately transform to that size.

For example, the following image is for the Twitter post.

Creating Twitter post image in Stencil

Now when I click the link to open more options, I can select the one I want to change my image to.

In the following image I’m going to select the option for Facebook post. When I do that the image immediately transforms to 940×788 pixels for posting in Facebook.

Creating Facebook post image in Stencil

What all sizes do you get?

Stencil provides the popular ready-to-use sizes under 3 heads – Posts, Ads, and Headers.

The last heading is for creating your Custom sizes. For my need I’ve created 4 sizes as the following image shows:

Creating custom image sizes in Stencil


Get spoiled for awesome fonts.

Fonts play a very major role in modern graphics, and who knows that better than a graphic designer herself.

Fortunately, Google provides a wealth of fonts that are free to use. But there is a problem here.

You have to individually install the fonts on your computer in order to use them. Even for your WordPress blog you need to use codes to call the fonts for display when the browser loads.

This problem is taken care of in Stencil because the tool comes with some of the hottest fonts pre-installed.

All you have to do is select your choice from a dropdown, and then adjust its size and line height as you want (image below).

Using awesome fonts in Stencil


Finally, the ease in taking outputs.

When you click on the Preview & Share button – and if your social media accounts are connected already – you can instantaneously share your freshly minted created graphic with your fans and friends all over the globe.

But let’s say (like me) you rather prefer downloading the image you so lovingly created in Stencil. You can do that too, and then use them in blog posts, guest blogs, and pretty much anywhere.


Summing up

The examples I’ve shown above are possible with Stencil’s paid account.

The free account is also good but lacks certain features like logos and templates. And it allows you to download or share up to 10 images per month with your near ones.

Frankly, if you ask me, a paid account is mightily helpful. Especially if you’re a practicing graphic designer.

As for me Stencil is like bread and butter of graphic designing just like the image optimizer I use. I use Stencil extensively, and cannot imagine life without it.

Are you using Stencil for your graphic design job? Leave your comments on why you like, or perhaps, dislike it.


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Partha is the founder of HubSkills.Com and a content development consultant for SMEs. He also owns and writes for the lifestyle blog, Kolkata Musing. Engage with him on Facebook or email at  

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    Stencil, such great tool, I have used it it saves the time and enhanced the work quality

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