If you master the skills of kinetic typography video in PowerPoint, you can create awesome sales video within PowerPoint itself.

In this practical guide I’ll explain to you the main steps to take to make it happen.

Let me tell you this.

If you’ve never made a sales video, if you do not know what makes kinetic typography video in PowerPoint look great, doesn’t matter. You can do this, and I’m going to unveil how to go about.

To start with, let me give you a glimpse of what you can achieve by using just PowerPoint as the video creator and also as a video editor.

This might seem a tad difficult by many of you, but the fact is, you can create powerful sales video with kinetic typography in PowerPoint using tricks which I’ll briefly explain later in this article.

First, here is the sales video done inside PowerPoint using it both as a video maker and a video editor.



5 distinct skills to master

Watch the video closely, you’ll quickly realize there are 5 distinct skills to learn and master to make awesome sales video with Kinetic Typography in PowerPoint.

The upside to this is, you will not only create sales videos for yourself, but do them for your clients too, and charge a minimum $100-150 for every 2 to 3 minutes video.

Great, isn’t so?

So, here are the skills you must learn –

  1. Create powerful sales script that converts passive viewers into earnestly eager buyers.
  2. Transform the sales script into PowerPoint slides, complete with eye-catching fonts.
  3. Render exciting kinetic motion to the texts on every slide.
  4. Record, edit, produce noiseless voice narration.
  5. Synchronize voice with the slides completely inside PowerPoint, and produce the video.

If you wish you may learn all the 5 skills to seamlessly produce awesome kinetic typography video in PowerPoint is this bootcamp that runs for 3 weeks.

The advantage with the bootcamp is that you will get 100% result. In other words, there is simply no escape from making your grand sales video using kinetic typography in PowerPoint.

Let’s discuss the 5 skills necessary to produce a good sales video with just PowerPoint.


1. Create a sales script

At the heart of the sales video is the script that motivates your viewers to buy your product. This is easier said than done.

Let me tell you why.

Often – and you can test this – your customers don’t generally know exactly what they need, but they know what they’re struggling with.

As a marketer, your job is to funnel their struggle into a solution you offer.

However, you shouldn’t usually go into selling mode until you make your prospects feel vulnerable – this is so important.

Once that happens, there’s little resistance on their part to buy your item.

Not surprisingly, this selling technique has stood the test of time.

Now, the point is, how do you weave the words in such a way that you’re able to convince your prospects that they should buy your product?

There is in fact a powerful, time-tested 10-step formula that gradually ups the ante in your sales script, culminating in convincing your prospect to buy your product.

I have discussed this formula in detail in my bootcamp so that you can easily create powerful video sales letter, even if you’ve never done before.

Sounds difficult?

Well, not really! You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see what you’re capable of.


2. Transform the sales script into PowerPoint slides

This is where the subtle combination of technology and art starts playing out.

The technology here is easy, with just a few clicks you can transform the sales script written in Notepad straight into PowerPoint, spread over the exact number of slides you want.

You’ll use free tools to do all that, including one to convert the case should you need it.

Once you’ve your sales script in the PowerPoint slides, the activity is now squarely focused on how to make the texts in the slides look nice and exciting.

There are 2 ways to go about.

  1. If you wish to have all the texts on each slide appear together, you must take recourse to creating a Master Slide and do the alterations there. This will enable you to make changes in all the slides at once. I have this detailed in my bootcamp.
  2. The second way takes longer time because you’re going to change the appearance of the texts on each slide. You’ll be changing the fonts, their sizes, their colors, and you must begin by first identifying the fonts you are going to use.

This font selection guide will be handy for you for this work.

As a rule of thumb, do not use more than 3 font types in an entire kinetic typography video in PowerPoint. This ensures there is a semblance of the texts having a uniformly good look in the entire video. Refer the video at the top for this.

One more point merits attention.

It’s about using a Serif or a Sans Serif font.

Have a look at the image below, sourced from here.

Serif or sans serif font?

Although opinions vary, I personally favor sans-serif fonts for kinetic typography video in PowerPoint. Many experts say that sans-serif fonts are better on the web while serif fonts are easier to read in printed works.

Remember, you may not have the exact fonts you want on your computer. Don’t worry, find near similar fonts, and there are in fact plenty of them.

Refer the image below to get a hang of it.

5 different fonts for kinetic typography video

3. Render kinetic motion to the texts

Now comes the exciting part in the whole exercise of making a sales video with kinetic typography in PowerPoint.

You have already seen the video at the beginning. That’s a comparatively simple way of animating texts, but you can be more adventurous, and decide to have 2 or more animations to a single text element.

Have a look at the animation below.

Animations for kinetic typography video

If you follow the animations, you’ll see that I’ve rendered 2 animations to the texts STEP-BY-STEP and KINETIC, while the other 3 texts have just a single animation to them.

The details of the animations are as under.

  • Boomerang Animation, 0.35 Duration, No Delay, With Previous, and 10% Delay between Letters
  • Spinner Animation, 0.25 Duration, 0.25 Delay, With Previous, and 10% Delay between Letters
ii) Text GUIDE
  • Stretch Animation, 0.50 Duration, 0.60 Delay, With Previous, Direction From Top
iii)Text for
  • Fly In Animation, 0.35 Duration, 1.00 Delay, With Previous, Direction From Top
iv) Text KINETIC
  • Pinwheel Animation, 0.50 Duration, 1.15 Delay, With Previous
  • Compress Animation, 0.75 Duration, 1.50 Delay, With Previous
  • Peek In Animation, 0.50 Duration, 1.50 Delay, With Previous, Direction From Left, and 10% Delay between Letters

There are altogether 7 animations to the texts, and all are different from one another. And that’s the beauty and indeed the biggest advantage with PowerPoint.

You can venture for unlimited combinations of animations, and when everything falls nicely into place, what you have is nothing short of an awesome kinetic typography video in PowerPoint, raring to bring in sales for you.

Don’t worry, you’ll get the exact templates I’ve used in my bootcamp, so that all you need is replace the texts with yours, and you’re ready to go.


4) Record, edit, produce noiseless voice narration

Voice recording is a major factor for any video, sales video is no different.

You may be tempted to hire a voice artist but be aware of the cost involved. If you record your own voice, I’ll always cheer you, because among other things you’ve an amazing tool for that, which is free to use.

You need to download Audacity on your computer and install it.

Voice recording is easy with Audacity, the software. Do use a good voice recorder, like for example, Plantronics Audio 628 headset which I use.

After you record your narration, the next job is to make it as noiseless as possible. There are many tutorials on YouTube, check them out.

I’ve my own techniques which I’ve explained in the bootcamp lessons, and I can say with reasonable confidence that you can nearly totally eliminate noise from your voice narration.


5) Synchronize voice with the slides inside PowerPoint

This is the last skill to master, but this is a tricky one.

You’ll be using PowerPoint to synchronize the audio with the visuals like you do in a video editor, but without a timeline.

Fortunately, there is a trick which you can use whereby you split the voice track into small clips for use in the slides.

The bright side of mastering this skill is that you can do much more advanced video editing in PowerPoint than what is believed as feasible.

In my bootcamp, I’ve explained the exact tricks I use to flawlessly create kinetic typography video in PowerPoint.


Summing up

In the present time, there is no dearth of tools to create a video, some you can use online, and the results are immediate.

What needs to be borne in mind is that a video is a medium to send your message to the viewers, like text and audio. And, if the message, or the presentation of the message is weak, no amount of visual appeal is going to work.

It is therefore very important that your sales video is both powerfully messaged and presented, and there is perhaps no better tool than PowerPoint to create the best of that.

PowerPoint has a clean interface, is popular, and costs minimal.

Behind that easy-looking façade, PowerPoint is immensely powerful and useful to create the best kinetic typography video you can. Easy and fast.