When you are launching online course, you must account for 3 main things to make that happen in the best way.

The more prepared you are, the better will be the outcome of all the efforts you’ll put to launch your course.

Now, all the 3 are essential, and they are not difficult to understand. The important point is, you have NO choice of leaving out any of them.

Let’s look at them one by one.


1. Identify a course topic

That’s right, the first step is that you must properly identify your course topic.

This step is important because we are often naïve to think that what we are thinking is right.

But look, your online course is not something that you fancy. It should be the one that your prospects want to learn.

So, the question is, do you have clear idea about why they should want to learn your online course?

The answer is not difficult to seek.

Broadly speaking, your prospective students would want their problems solved by studying your course.

In other words, if your students feel that your course cannot solve their problems, it will not succeed in the market.

This is the biggest reason why it is essential that your course topic and the course structure must resonate with the demand in the market.

Launching online course when topic and structure resonate

Now, to do that, to know the demand for your course, you’ve to do fair amount of market research for your course.

You must also align your skills with that of the demand for your course, and then design a suitable course structure to go along.

Course identification is in fact the very foundation on which your course will stand.

There are clear action steps to do this.

So, give time and effort to make this as realistic as possible.

Okay, let’s now look at the 2nd thing you must do.

And that is creating the course.

Or more precisely, creating the course lessons in videos.


2. Create video lessons

Why videos?

Well, there are just 2 ways your students can learn your course –

1) by watching or seeing and
2) by listening.

It’s not difficult to see that watching videos is the best way to teach your students online.

And they are much, much better than learning from e-books or audio podcasts.

All the stats on e-learning continue to favour using videos for course lessons.

Must know video making to launch online course

And so, the question is, are you comfortable creating video lessons?

Yes, you can hire others to create video lessons for you, but this will prove very expensive going forward.

Because for every new course, or revising old lessons, you’ve to spend money to pay those who you hire. And all these expenses occur, even if your course doesn’t sell much, which can be a big drag on financial feasibility of your courses.

That is why I always suggest to my students that they must learn creating video lessons for their courses themselves, while occasionally taking help from others, if required.

If you master the art of making video lessons like the ones that we make at HubSkills, you’ll be able to create all your courses at almost NIL cost.

This will be a big relief for you. Because, trust me, cost is a huge factor for the success of your online course.

To tell it in short, knowing to create video lessons should be a priority for you if you’re serious to succeed as an online teacher.

Knowing to make video lessons is a must to launch online course

Okay, let’s move on to the 3rd important thing to do.

It’s about knowing how to sell your online course.

Nothing can be as important as this one, and as a debutante for launching online course, you must have clear idea on this when you begin.


3. Know selling online course

Now, there are so many options here that you may feel confused as to which one is the best for you, which option to go for when you’re planning online course.

There are mainly 2 factors that will help you decide which option to choose for selling your online course.
1) Cost and 2) Control.

To give example, you can host your course for free on portals like Udemy, but you may lose control on how you wish to sell it. You may need to price your course low, and remember, the landing page for your course will have other courses listed.

So, that means if you spend money to advertise your course, the incoming traffic may buy another course, and not yours.

On the other hand, if you want control on your course, you must incur costs for that.

Say you’re hosting your course on your WordPress website.

You’ll have costs like web hosting, hosting the video lessons, course running tools like membership software or an LMS, and so on.

And on top of all these, you may be paying others to run your website.

Fortunately, there are at least 3 ways to sell your course online at almost NIL cost, while retaining all the controls over it.

What’s more, you can even avail marketing tools like upsell, cross-sell, affiliate system, and so on > all of these at NO cost.

At HubSkills, we offer live coaching on the entire gamut of launching online course, starting from scratch.


So, that’s it for this article.

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