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The only coaching you will ever need to launch your best online course. Let’s get started!

Planning an online course? Do you know how to transform your raw teaching ideas into full-fledged course? And launch it successfully online? 

Start with our comprehensive live coaching!

What People Are Saying:

Partha is a great teacher for online courses.

“Partha is a great teacher. I’ve enjoyed several of his online courses!”

Dr. Hassan Soubhi, Professor, Université du Québec

Create online course like a pro

Start from scratch, take the same steps top course makers follow to create your online course.

Launch Online Course
Do 3 Things for Online Course

Learn assorted skills like no other course

To be honest, you need to be proficient in quite a few skills to consistently make top-class courses. We help you learn all these skills. Take a look.


Design online course with proven techniques


Make assorted course videos from scratch


Learn video editing with different tools

Online Course Launch Coaching


Sell course in 3 different ways at minimum cost


Design WordPress landing page for selling course


Fine-tune email marketing for better response

Why our live coaching is ideal for you?

Making money from online course is something we all like to attain. But a lot depends on how you create your course, how you control costs, and how you market it. Our live coaching guides you to maximize your gain, and repeat it every time you make a new course.


We have 8+ years experience of online course creation using diverse tools and selling on diverse platforms.


Many jigsaws come together to make a course complete for making money. In our live coaching you’ll learn all those to succeed.


With focused agenda, clear guidelines, hands-on-training, and friendly interaction, you’ll never feel out of the loop.


Our course supplements & bonus materials will be your best aid going forward to repeat all that you learn during live coaching.


Video recordings of all classes, online chat on any issue, video chat when needed, and an obsession to see you succeed.


If you implement the assigned projects every week, we guarantee that you’ll launch your online course 100%.

What People Are Saying:

Partha's online course launch highly recommended

“His courses are down to earth & very practical. Highly recommended!”

Mukesh Tanna, CPA, CA

6 weeks comprehensive coaching that includes everything to launch your online course successfully.

Accomplish everything you’ll need to run your online course starting from scratch.

Repeat the action steps for all your future courses without ever needing any outside help.

Week 1

Plan your online course with proven techniques. Complete designing your course structure.

Week 2

Collect course materials. Use them to make video lessons with PowerPoint & other tools.

Week 3

Combine media files for video lessons, edit videos with various tools. Complete course videos.

Week 4

Launch online course in 3 ways – via membership, via email, and by live teaching. All at nearly NO cost.

Week 5

Design attractive landing page in your WordPress website, popup videos, payment setup, etc.

Week 6

Automate email marketing to targeted prospects. Revise & wrap up coaching program.

Pricing Plan

Live coaching is offered every alternate month from 1st Monday. Only limited seats are available for each session.

Booking starts on 15th of preceding month. Join the list to be informed when the next booking opens.


6 Week Live Coaching
Launch Full Course
Video Editing
WP Landing Page
Email Prospecting
Payment Setup
Video & Text Chat
Supplements & Bonuses
✔ Pay in 1 or 2 Installments



When will the next live coaching be?

Live coaching sessions are scheduled in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November.

What study materials are given in the coaching?

Video recording of all live classes are given to the students. Besides, you also get guides, video lessons, course templates, e-books, etc. as supplements. In addition, all students get access to our other online courses as bonuses.

When are the classes held?

Live classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week. Each class has 30~40 mins of lectures, followed by Q&A and reports of students’ progress. Classes are held between 1500-1700 hrs IST (Indian Standard Time).

Do I need any special tools for the coaching?

You’ll need (a) PowerPoint installed on your computer. Also, get (b) a screen recording tool (Camtasia, Screencast-o-Matic or similar), and (c) a smartphone for video-shoot. You’ll use other online tools – mostly free – will tell you in the class.

Do you offer refund of fees?</