If you are planning to launch online course for the first time, you may be looking for some basic guidance on how to go about.

In this article, I’m gonna write about a few crucial points on

  • what it means to launch a course online,
  • what’s the minimum you’ve to consider, and
  • whether you’ve it in you to do this.

If you look around on the web, you’ll find that online course launch is the new HOT trend among many entrepreneurs.

And why not?

If you go by statistics, the e-learning boom is only going to accelerate in the coming years. Businesses, big and small, are all adopting e-learning for training and development.

Even informal learning has developed online in a big way. E-learning portals like Udemy bears testimony to the burgeoning demand for online courses.

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But, let me pause here for a while.


Are you the right person?

If you’re planning to teach online, let me ask this question.

Are you the right person to launch online course?

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Remember 👉 you’ll start online course NOT for the heck of it.

You’ll do it to TEACH other people.

And teaching, as you know, is one of the noblest professions on earth.

So, the 3 questions to ask are –

  1. are you a good fit to be a teacher?
  2. do you have the passion to teach people earnestly?
  3. do you have the right personality to help and guide other people?

Let me give an example to explain my point.

I know of a brilliant Math teacher in early 30s. When he went online with a few courses, he got large number of students in a short time.

But then he got a new job, and after some time he left teaching online, leaving his students in the lurch.

Now, this man cannot perhaps be faulted, the job was lucrative for him. But the students were clearly disadvantaged.

So, as you can see, not all professions suit everyone.

If teaching is NOT your strong point, it’s perhaps better that you give it a second thought before you start an online course.

Online course not for you if teaching is not your strong point

Because what happens is, if you’re not the right person to teach, it will come out in the open sooner than later.

Would you want that? Perhaps not.

So, that was the first point to check out.


What to teach?

Next – and this is very crucial – what would you teach?

I mean, it’s all very nice that you know something very well.

You consider yourself to be an expert on it. Perhaps you are.

But wait.

Here’s a super important point to think about.

Do your prospective students want to learn – what you wish to teach them?

Let me repeat it.

Do your prospective students want to learn what you wish to teach them?

What online course to teach?

If you think you already know what your students want to learn from you, you’re in fact falling into a trap.

The trap is that you’re assuming things on your students’ behalf, and that’s a wrong way to go about starting your online course.

In fact, assuming anything is not a good idea, especially when you take lots of pain to create your online course.

Yes, at times, you’ve to take chances.

But that befits you, only after you’ve gathered good amount of experience as online teacher.

If you’ve created only few courses, or just starting, you ought to take steps diligently when you launch your online course.

Take diligent steps before making online course

You’ve to do some research to find out – if indeed your prospective students want to learn the course you’re planning to launch.


So, that’s it for now.

If you like it, please leave your comments below.

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All the best to you. Au revoir. Take care.