The video below gives an overview of this how-to article. For access to step-by-step action guide, click here.

For PowerPoint users, creating sleek professional video isn’t a big deal. In fact there are many advantages to make PowerPoint video.

It is possible to create text animation video, line animation video, and many others which will be covered in future tutorials in this column.

In this article we are going to see how you can create picture-in-picture PowerPoint video. This makes it possible to create video for online coaching where the inset video can be used to show the instructor and also for finer explanation of relevant points in the main video.

The following video gives a perspective of what a picture-in-picture video can do for you.


Steps For Picture-In-Picture PowerPoint Video

If you are looking for a video guide, enroll in my course on Udemy. The steps to create a picture-in-picture PowerPoint video are as under:

  1. First, convert the main PowerPoint presentation or slideshow into a WMV video. In my course I have explained how you can synchronize voice narration with the PowerPoint presentation. Also ensure that the inset or picture-in-picture video is in a format that can be embedded in a PowerPoint slide.
  2. Open PowerPoint, and embed the main PowerPoint video in the first slide. To do this, click on Insert tab at the top, then select Video to the far right, and finally select Video from File.
  3. Next, embed the inset video on the main video. As it appears in the middle you need to reduce its size as you deem appropriate.
  4. Now, for the main video, select it, and then click on Playback tab under Video tools. Make the video Start automatically. Do the same for the inset video. Click the checkbox Hide While Not Playing for the inset video.
  5. In the next step, open the Animations pane on the right. Now, for both videos, make them Start With Previous. This is important.
  6. You may want to Delay the inset video by a few seconds as I have done in the examples above. You are now ready to produce the final video. Go ahead and create your first picture-in-picture PowerPoint video.