It is said, selling is an art, and there is some truth in it. Most of us, who are anything but a salesperson, feel we are not good in selling. We grow shy at the mere mention of selling, we fumble for words, and many even feel that selling is a kind of sleazy work.

The truth however is this. We sell ourselves – our virtues, our abilities, our strengths – all the time. Whether we do it at job interviews, or to our partners, to friends, or to anyone to get a job done, we do the selling all the time.

For proof, look no further than the social media posts you’ve sent in the last few days.

You might say you’re not ‘selling’ for money, but that is not true. For example, you maybe a design artist in a company, but your company is selling your abilities and contribution to earn money to pay your salary.

In other words, unless you sell you don’t earn. The earning maybe money, or influence, or even just love. And, who doesn’t know, unless you earn you cannot live.

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3 main hurdles to making a sales video

There is a dominant view that to make a sale, you don’t sell, you teach. And yet, at the end of that teaching, there must be that all-important thing called, Call to Action.

Call to action is nothing but asking the viewers or readers to do what you want them to do, which again is nothing but selling.

Whether you teach your audience to make sales, or ‘sell’ to them for that, it all depends on factors like what your product or service is, who your target prospects are, where are they located, and suchlike.

But what remains important regardless, is that you must know what to say to your audience to motivate them so that you can make sales.

In my opinion, the 3 main hurdles to making a sales video are the following:

  1. What will you say to the prospective viewers?
  2. What will the visuals be – a talking head, or animated characters, or animated texts, or what?
  3. How to put together the visuals and the audio to make a great sales video?

The second hurdle needs a bit of examining because of the widely held belief that a sales video must feature a person speaking to the audience. This could be you, or someone representing you, shot on a camera while speaking.

Fortunately, this is not necessary for a sales video. It’s also not necessary to make videos showing animated characters.

Instead, if you create animated text video powered by a solid script, you are likely to make more conversions, and more sales.

Online marketing specialist, Neil Patel, observed that –

The most important part of a video is the script… if the script isn’t good, it won’t convert well.

In my bootcamp, I’m going to solve all the 3 hurdles for you, so that you can produce awesome sales video every time, easy and fast.

Watch me explain the bootcamp in the video above.

What the bootcamp is about – a brief reckoner!

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Do you feel challenged that you can never write an impressive sales letter, let alone a sales video?

This is going to change now.

That ‘nightmare’ will no longer haunt you after you take my course that teaches you A-Z skills to make your first sales video with just PowerPoint.

The beauty of my course is that it is easy to follow.

Anyone knowing English and a bit of PowerPoint can understand my course and create sales video easily, no matter what.

In fact, that is my guarantee too.

I give you the guarantee that it’s impossible that you can’t create an awesome sales video after you study my course.

In fact, I’ll go further to say that you’ll create sales video not only for yourself, but also for others and make money on the side.

Have a look at the bootcamp’s Action Plan below, and note that I’m available to you for 1 hour of 1-on-1 mentorship during the course. This is
besides unlimited questions that you can ask me for the course.

In addition, you’ll receive 4 e-booklets and 10 video tutorials, covering all the lessons.

What’s more, I also give you the PowerPoint templates I’ve shown in the video tutorials. Just change the texts and you’re good to go.

These will be yours to keep, so you’re never out of resources for help in the future.

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Action Plan of the Bootcamp

Completing the 18-day bootcamp is estimated to take you 23 hours which is about 1 hour per day.

Every day there is a task to complete, which will take you one step closer to the final objective. The tasks are short and to-the-point, and are easy to complete.

The bootcamp is designed in such a way that after you complete a day’s task, you can go to the next day. So, in a way, this works as a pressure on you to complete the tasks every day to access the tasks next day.

The bootcamp schedule is as under.

  1. Day 1: Identify Your Subject Matter for Sales Video
  2. Day 2: Prepare Value Proposition for Your Target Prospects
  3. Day 3: Test Your Value Proposition Against Real Needs
  4. Day 4: Draft a Sales Script Based on Time Tested 10-Step Formula
  5. Day 5-6: Write Final Sales Script with Help from a Proven Sales Script
  6. Day 6: Auto-Transfer Sales Script to Multiple PowerPoint Slides
  7. Day 7: Create Master Slide in PowerPoint & Format Text Positions
  8. Day 9: Transform Sales Script with the Best Font Using Master Slide
  9. Day 10: Change Background for Nice Look with Master Slide
  10. Day 11: Decide the Transition Between Slides
  11. Day 12-13: Produce a Second (Sleeker) Draft Video after Clever Adjustments
  12. Day 14: Produce Your First Voice Recording in MP3
  13. Day 16: Edit Your Voice to Make it Noise Free & Produce Final Audio
  14. Day 19-20: Synchronize Voice with PowerPoint Slides
  15. Day 21: Produce Final Sales Video in PowerPoint

Note, you’ll have two days for 2 critical actions in the bootcamp –

  • Day 5-6: Write Final Sales Script with Help from a Proven Sales Script
  • Day 19-20: Synchronize Voice with PowerPoint Slides

4 crucial gains for you

Objectively speaking, the most important gain will be that you have NO choice but to complete the course in the bootcamp.

This beats hands down the half-hearted approach by the students, when they enroll into an online course, and then take time forever to complete the course.

In other words, my bootcamp is only for serious learners that want to put the skills they learn into practice.

If that’s you, look forward to at least 4 crucial gains from the bootcamp.

You will –

  • identify your best saleable skills that have demand in the market,
  • learn the most effective way to create a powerful sales script,
  • transform sales script to a stunning sales video even if you never did one, and
  • make loads of money creating sales video for others.

Are you the target audience?

It’ll be naïve for me to think that every online entrepreneur will be my target audience. While that would be quite lucrative, in reality, only a section of them will want to attend my bootcamp.

Even so, I’d like to consider you as my target audience, if you are –

  • a DIY professional wishing to market a product or service, or
  • a freelancer wanting to make money creating sales video for others, or
  • a writer or blogger that want to create summary videos for your contents.

Summing up

For the more enterprising of you, this bootcamp could be the stimulant you’ve been waiting for to excel in online video making.

The doors literally open before you to create kinetic typography videos in PowerPoint that have a great market demand.

You can of course create a whole lot of other types of videos with PowerPoint, and later with great tools like Camtasia Studio.

Even if you do not venture much beyond what you learn in my bootcamp, make sure that you hone your skills to create sales videos that people find awesome to watch.

All the best to you.