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Make stunning social media video with PowerPoint.

Chance is, you already use PowerPoint for presentations, 90%+ users worldwide do.

Now, turn your skills to make stunning social media video with PowerPoint & start a thriving video agency … working (even) from home.

Every business needs video, no matter what! With PowerPoint, it’s easy and fast.

Announcing new course on 5 types of amazing marketing video making with PowerPoint » time to serve big demand, time to make money.

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Main features

  • 22 course modules (more being added)

  • All-time access with one payment

  • On-demand learning – access course anytime, anywhere, on any device

  • 30 day, 100% moneyback guarantee


  • Learn top-class video making » kinetic typography, GIF Facebook ads, explainer video, parallax video, picture-in-picture video, presentation video.

  • Download all PowerPoint templates in the course for free

  • All video lessons have captions in English plus you can download video transcription (PDF)

  • All future PowerPoint templates and all future modules come for free

  • Ask for help at any time right from the lesson you’re studying

  • Use the PowerPoint templates for your need, they’re made by us, so no permission needed

Who benefits the most

  • Startups, business owners, marketing /sales executives

  • Freelance marketers & video makers, work-at-home professionals

  • Social media managers, social media video makers, digital marketing specialists, digital content producers

  • Online course makers, online course marketers

  • Teachers, university professors, educationists, illustrators

  • Trainers & coaches who use visual/video communication for their work

This video making course helps you boost video marketing inventively for your clients and prospects using just PowerPoint.

With smartphones in your pocket, you’ve the right tools for video production. Right?


Guess what, just any video cannot engage your viewers, or achieve main purpose.

The bar chart below (data source) shows the types of videos businesses have already invested in, and likely to do so in near future, especially social media videos.

Most likely, social media videos would have seen a meteoric jump in the scope and use by businesses of all size and shape.

However, take a look, and you’ll see, only PowerPoint is well suited for most of the above videos, including social media videos.

Use PowerPoint for making all kinds of social media videos.

For you PowerPoint is a familiar tool.

And so, with a low learning curve, PowerPoint is far easier for you to use for making a wide range of videos for your business.

With PowerPoint you’ve a solid advantage. You can start making amazing marketing & social media video with little or no experience.

Simply re-use the free templates you get in this course, and become an expert video maker.

Learn making kinetic typography video with PowerPoint

Make kinetic typography video from plain texts in Notepad

Kinetic typography video (like the one above☝🏻), if done well, brings a special appeal to the viewers.

It remains popular with video makers not only 1) because of eye-catching animations, but more due to 2) ease of direct communication with the viewers.

In this course you’ll learn at least 5 types of kinetic typography or text animation videos, including one using eye-catching Prezi effect.

This is only one part of the course, but just doing this well can make good earnings today … and for lot many years to come.

Animate scalable vector clip arts in PowerPoint

Animate vector clip arts for illustrative video

A big advantage with PowerPoint is the ability to break down vector clip arts into small elements, and redesign and animate them (example above).

Why this helps?

Vector clip arts do not loose shape, they don’t pixelate when enlarged or stretched. Further, a huge variety of vector clip arts are available online for free.

This means you can use them inventively for various visual communication like the explainer video as shown below (you learn this in the course).

Explainer video made with PowerPoint

Make explainer video with animated texts and clip arts

In addition to kinetic typography video and explainer video, you’ll learn making parallax video, picture-in-picture video, animated GIF ads for Facebook & Instagram, and presentation video.

As you pick up the techniques to make these videos, you’ll be knowing innovative ways to improve visual communication with clients.

The good news is, we’ll continue to add more exciting video making lessons going forward.

As a subscriber, you’ll have access to all future lessons and all the PowerPoint templates at no extra cost.

Preview select modules

  • Storytelling with kinetic typography video using animated texts (Type 1)

Kinetic Typography Video in PowerPoint on Good Web Design

Click the thumbnail to preview↑

  • Marketing video using variety of animated texts in this kinetic typography sequence (Type 2)

Kinetic Typography Video with PowerPoint on Car Pool

Click the thumbnail to preview↑

  • Kinetic typography video using eye-catching Prezi effect (Type 3)

Kinetic Typography Video in PowerPoint with Prezi Effect

Click the thumbnail to preview↑

  • Storytelling with explainer video by animating texts & vector clip arts (Type 1)

Explainer Video in PowerPoint

Click the thumbnail to preview↑

  • Simple explainer video on saving trees with animated texts & vector clip arts (Type 2)

Explainer Animated Video with Text & Clip Art

Click the thumbnail to preview↑

  • Eye-catching parallax video on real-estate marketing showcasing properties

Parallax Video in PowerPoint

Click the thumbnail to preview↑

  • Storytelling with picture-in-picture video on how our activities are subsumed by ‘work’

Picture-in-Picture Video Making in PowerPoint

Click the thumbnail to preview↑

  • Animated presentation video helps in explaining things in board meetings, seminars and webinars (coming soon)

Animated Video from PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Click the thumbnail to preview↑


Gains at a glance

  • 5 types of video making with PowerPoint (more coming shortly)

  • In-built Q&A feature with every lesson for any help

  • Lifetime access to entire course

  • Download all PowerPoint templates for free

  • Use templates as you wish for your own video

  • All future templates & lessons come for free

  • 30-day, 100% moneyback guarantee

  • Pay in 2 or 3 installments

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  • Lifetime access to the course

  • All future templates & lessons

  • 30-day, 100% moneyback guarantee

  • Pay in 2 or 3 installments

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